The Forgotten Ornament

The Forgotten Ornament

In a cozy little town, the Johnson family was preparing for Christmas. Every year, they would bring out a box of old ornaments, each with its own story and memory. One evening, while decorating the tree, little Timmy found a dusty, forgotten ornament at the bottom of the box. It was a small, delicate glass angel.

Curious, Timmy asked his grandmother about it. Her eyes filled with tears as she held the ornament gently. “This angel belonged to your great-grandmother. She always said it brought her family together.”

The family decided to place the angel at the top of the tree. That night, as they gathered around the fireplace, something magical happened. The room filled with a warm, golden light, and the angel seemed to glow brighter than ever. The Johnsons felt an overwhelming sense of love and togetherness.

Over the holidays, friends and family who visited were drawn to the glowing angel, each sharing fond memories and heartfelt stories. The once-forgotten ornament became a symbol of unity and love, reminding everyone of the true spirit of Christmas.

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